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Friedrich Gulda: Message G from Bombing Fashion new work

Friedrich Gulda: Message from G


Friedrich Gulda: Message from G

Editorial Reviews

The album entitled Message from G that was released in 1979 on the MPS label embodies more than any other the visionary creativity of the composer and pianist Friedrich Gulda. On the album, he traces the paths of the great masters- Bach, Mozart and Debussy, whose work he plays- works which then provide him with the most diverse of inspirations for his own compositions, long before classical music opened up to other influences. My aim in remastering Message from G was not to change anything in the recordings of the three concerts of 1978; not to adapt them to todays listening habits or to modify them; on the contrary, the aim was to capture that special beauty of musicality and tone and to achieve a sound as close to the original recordings as possible. To that end, the master tape was comprehensively reworked: on the one hand by careful selection and the finest calibration of the tape equipment and the subsequent signal chain, and on the other hand by making very sensitive adjustments to the frequency range and the amplitude level. The theoretical basis for this was, among other things, an original vinyl disc that I used frequently for comparison purposes. We worked exclusively with analogue technology to produce the re-release (Producers comment, Christoph Stickel, July 2015)

Friedrich Gulda: Message from G



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