$709 LIQIANG Mini Projector, HD Projection Projector, Home Theater, D Electronics Video Projectors $709 LIQIANG Mini Projector, HD Projection Projector, Home Theater, D Electronics Video Projectors LIQIANG Mini Projector HD Theater Albuquerque Mall Projection Home D LIQIANG Mini Projector HD Theater Albuquerque Mall Projection Home D Projector,,Theater,,Projection,Mini,Projector,,Electronics , Video Projectors,Home,LIQIANG,/Firoloida1106011.html,dhirenshahandco.com,$709,HD,D Projector,,Theater,,Projection,Mini,Projector,,Electronics , Video Projectors,Home,LIQIANG,/Firoloida1106011.html,dhirenshahandco.com,$709,HD,D

Very popular! LIQIANG Mini Projector HD Theater Albuquerque Mall Projection Home D

LIQIANG Mini Projector, HD Projection Projector, Home Theater, D


LIQIANG Mini Projector, HD Projection Projector, Home Theater, D

Product description

4K decoding
Digital light processing
Wireless same screen
Four-way keystone correction
high brightness

Voltage: 19 (V)
Weight: 0.45 (kg)
Power: 40 (w)
Resolution: 1280x800dpi
Brightness: 1000 lumens
Projection drawing size: 380 (cm)
Adjustment function: manual focus

LIQIANG Mini Projector, HD Projection Projector, Home Theater, D

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