Ultra-Slim Black Fixed Flat Japan Maker New Low-Profile for Wall Mount Bracket S $28 Ultra-Slim Black Fixed/Flat Low-Profile Wall Mount Bracket for S Industrial Scientific Digital Signage $28 Ultra-Slim Black Fixed/Flat Low-Profile Wall Mount Bracket for S Industrial Scientific Digital Signage Ultra-Slim Black Fixed Flat Japan Maker New Low-Profile for Wall Mount Bracket S Low-Profile,/Firoloida755711.html,dhirenshahandco.com,Ultra-Slim,for,Black,$28,Fixed/Flat,Wall,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,S,Mount,Bracket Low-Profile,/Firoloida755711.html,dhirenshahandco.com,Ultra-Slim,for,Black,$28,Fixed/Flat,Wall,Industrial Scientific , Digital Signage,S,Mount,Bracket

Ultra-Slim Black Fixed Flat Japan Max 83% OFF Maker New Low-Profile for Wall Mount Bracket S

Ultra-Slim Black Fixed/Flat Low-Profile Wall Mount Bracket for S


Ultra-Slim Black Fixed/Flat Low-Profile Wall Mount Bracket for S

Product description

Compatible with the Sony KDL-32W600D 32 inch LED HDTV TV/Television, HDTV Television, this Fixed/Flat Low-Profile Black Wall Mount Bracket puts the back of your TV only .75" from the wall and is ideal for displays with side or bottom facing connections. This Wall Mount supports most* 23" to 55" flat panel screens and LCD/Plasma TVs. It supports up to 165 lbs and features a built-in leveling bubble. This mount is perfect for boardrooms, digital signage, or home theaters. Its simple to align brackets and unique wall plate can be mounted to a variety of wall constructions including wood studs, brick or concrete. The mount includes a security bracket, which prevents removal of the display from the mount (padlock not included).This wall mount supports VESA mounting patterns up to 415x230. It is constructed of toughened steel with a durable scratch resistant Black finish. Also included is all mounting hardware and simple to follow installation instructions. *Mounting holes on television should be 16.25" or less apart horizontally amp; 9" or less apart vertically.

Ultra-Slim Black Fixed/Flat Low-Profile Wall Mount Bracket for S

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