$31 State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Engr Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Cutting Engr Wood Board Topics on TV $31 State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Engr Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $31,Board,/Mittelmeer755639.html,Shaped,Bamboo,State,dhirenshahandco.com,Engr,College,Cutting,Pennsylvania,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Wood $31,Board,/Mittelmeer755639.html,Shaped,Bamboo,State,dhirenshahandco.com,Engr,College,Cutting,Pennsylvania,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Wood State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Cutting Engr Wood Board Topics on TV

State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Cutting Engr Wood Board unisex Topics on TV

State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Engr


State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Engr

Product description

This Pennsylvania state cutting board engraved with a heart over State College is a real novelty. A perfect gift for anyone who loves their great city. It is a perfect wedding gift or housewarming gift. Made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo, these boards are ultra-light and super-strong. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining, they can be used as a cutting or bar board, cheese tray, serving platter or simply as a conversation piece. The board can be hung on the wall by its rustic leather hanging loop. These bamboo boards are: - Harder than rock-hard maple, yet easy on your knives - Triple sanded for super-smooth finish, then treated with beeswax amp; mineral oil - Organically grown - No pesticides or fertilizers - Rapid growing and renewable resource To clean, wash by hand with warm soapy water (do not put in dishwasher). The Pennsylvania board is approximately 16 x 9.75 x 0.6"

State College Pennsylvania Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board Engr

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