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waveshare 4-DOF Metal Robot Arm for Zero Pi free shipping Kits Raspberry Reservation

waveshare 4-DOF Metal Robot Arm Kits for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero


waveshare 4-DOF Metal Robot Arm Kits for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero

Product description


Equip your Raspberry Pi with this 4-DOF metal robot arm, and get started to explore the world of artificial intelligent robotic.

This starter robotic arm kit includes: servo driver HAT, metal mechanical arm structure, and 4x metal gear servos. When used with the Raspberry Pi, it is easy to control the arm by smart phone through Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

The Servo Driver

Adopts Servo Driver HAT:

  • Raspberry Pi connectivity, compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W/Zero WH/2B/3B/3B+
  • I2C controlled, using only 2 pins
  • Up to 16-Channel servo/PWM outputs, 12-bit resolution for each channel (4096 scales)
  • Integrates 5V regulator, up to 3A output current, can be powered from battery through VIN terminal
  • Standard servo interface, supports common used servo such as SG90, MG90S, MG996R, etc.
  • Reserved I2C control pins, allows to work with other control boards
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples in python like Bluetooth/WiFi remote control)

The Robot Arm Structure

  • 4-DOF, large solid base, metal mechanical grasper
  • Full aluminium alloy body, sandblasting oxidation surface, strong amp; durable
  • Clever mechanical structure and mounting design, agile to control, easy to build
  • Fitted with 4x metal gear servos (1x MG996R, 3x MG90S), large torque force, smooth moving

Package Content

  • Metal arm parts x1
  • MG996R Servo x1
  • MG90S Servo x3
  • MG996R servo wheel x1
  • Servo Driver HAT x1
  • Power adapter US plug 5V 3A Micro x1
  • Servo extension wire 150mm x1
  • Screws pack x1

Note: The Raspberry Pi is not included.

waveshare 4-DOF Metal Robot Arm Kits for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero


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