A13AV1 - Under blast sales Toggle Switch On-Off-On Non mA 100 SPDT Illuminated SPDT,,Switch,,dhirenshahandco.com,Illuminated,,100,/bearishness957438.html,On-Off-On,,Non,Toggle,A13AV1,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,mA,$95,- A13AV1 - Under blast sales Toggle Switch On-Off-On Non mA 100 SPDT Illuminated $95 A13AV1 - Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 100 mA Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical SPDT,,Switch,,dhirenshahandco.com,Illuminated,,100,/bearishness957438.html,On-Off-On,,Non,Toggle,A13AV1,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,mA,$95,- $95 A13AV1 - Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 100 mA Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

A13AV1 - Under blast sales Toggle Switch On-Off-On Non mA 100 SPDT High material Illuminated

A13AV1 - Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 100 mA


A13AV1 - Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 100 mA

Product description

A13AV1 - Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 100 mA, Panel Mount


  • Switch Operation : On-Off-On
  • Contact Configuration : SPDT
  • Illumination : Non Illuminated
  • Contact Current Max : 100mA
  • Switch Mounting : Panel Mount
  • Contact Voltage AC Nom : 28V
  • Switch Terminals : Through Hole
  • Contact Voltage DC Nom : 28V

Product Information 2:

  • RoHS Compliant: Y-Ex
  • RoHS Compliant by Exemption
  • Denotes whether a product is RoHS compliant and to what level
  • More info on our RoHS amp; Legislation pages
  • RoHS Phthalates Compliant: To be advised
  • Denotes whether a product is RoHS compliant and to what level
  • More info on our RoHS amp; Legislation pages
  • SVHC: No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)
  • Denotes whether a product contains a Substance of Very High Concern
  • More info on our RoHS amp; Legislation pages
  • Product Compliance Certificate
  • Download Product Compliance Certificate
  • Authorized Distributor

A13AV1 - Toggle Switch, On-Off-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 100 mA

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