$97 Power Relay 12VDC 5A SPST-NO(20x10x15.2) mm THT Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $97 Power Relay 12VDC 5A SPST-NO(20x10x15.2) mm THT Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Power Relay 12VDC 5A 20x10x15.2 SPST-NO THT Limited time trial price mm Power Relay 12VDC 5A 20x10x15.2 SPST-NO THT Limited time trial price mm /bespeech957277.html,$97,Relay,Power,THT,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,mm,dhirenshahandco.com,12VDC,SPST-NO(20x10x15.2),5A /bespeech957277.html,$97,Relay,Power,THT,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,mm,dhirenshahandco.com,12VDC,SPST-NO(20x10x15.2),5A

Power Relay 12VDC 5A 20x10x15.2 SPST-NO THT Limited time Fort Worth Mall trial price mm

Power Relay 12VDC 5A SPST-NO(20x10x15.2) mm THT


Power Relay 12VDC 5A SPST-NO(20x10x15.2) mm THT

Product description

EU RoHS: Compliant ECCN (US): EAR99 Part Status: Active Contact Arrangement: SPST-NO Contact Form: 1 Form A DC Coil Voltage (V): 12 Coil Resistance (Ohm): 360 Maximum Pick-Up Voltage: 8.4VDC Minimum Dropout Voltage: 0.6VDC Maximum AC Switching Voltage (V): 277 Maximum DC Switching Voltage (V): 30 Maximum Switching Current (A): 5 Operate Time (ms): 10 LED Indicator: No Push to Test Button: No Coil Suppression Diode: No Relay Construction: Non-Latching Mounting: Through Hole Termination Style: PC Pin Number of Terminals: 4 Minimum Operating Temperature (°C): -40 Maximum Operating Temperature (°C): 85 Product Weight (g): 7 Product Length (mm): 20 Product Depth (mm): 10 Product Height (mm): 15.2

Power Relay 12VDC 5A SPST-NO(20x10x15.2) mm THT

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} #productDescription { border-collapse: mode:Vince Camuto Afina ToteTHT Blue Product 5A 35円 Sle Heart Lite Power with 12VDC Watch Smartwatch Bip Amazfit S SPST-NO mm 20x10x15.2 Relay Fitness description Color:Oxford Rate
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