ZCZZ USB Webcam Adjustable Computer Camera Liv Finally resale start Microphone with $68 ZCZZ USB Webcam, Adjustable Computer Camera, with Microphone Liv Electronics Camera Photo ZCZZ USB Webcam Adjustable Computer Camera Liv Finally resale start Microphone with dhirenshahandco.com,Webcam,,/caseweed1358592.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,with,Camera,,USB,ZCZZ,Liv,$68,Computer,Microphone,Adjustable dhirenshahandco.com,Webcam,,/caseweed1358592.html,Electronics , Camera Photo,with,Camera,,USB,ZCZZ,Liv,$68,Computer,Microphone,Adjustable $68 ZCZZ USB Webcam, Adjustable Computer Camera, with Microphone Liv Electronics Camera Photo

ZCZZ USB Webcam Adjustable Computer Camera Liv Rare Finally resale start Microphone with

ZCZZ USB Webcam, Adjustable Computer Camera, with Microphone Liv


ZCZZ USB Webcam, Adjustable Computer Camera, with Microphone Liv

Product description


2. The computer camera has secrecy protection, so that viruses will not infringe on secrecy leakage.
3. This USB webacam has a built-in microphone and a radio up to 3 meters, which can reduce interference noise.
4. The has 4 million high?definition pixels, clear and smoothly video, and high color reproduction.
5. The 2K HD image quality of the computer camera and the ultra high definition screen meet your expectations.
Item Type: with MicrophoneSupport System: For Win7/Win8/Win10/Other Mainstream for Windows Operating Systems, For OS X/ Vista/Linux Operating Systems
Resolution: 2560 x 1440P
Working Current: 180mA
Voltage Range: 4.5V-5.5V
Photo Format: BMP,JPG,PNG
Output Format: MJPG/YUY2/H.264/H265
Frame Rate: 25FPS
Main Control Chip: FH8852
Focusing Range: Approx. 90cm / 35.4in
Video Format: MP4/AVI
Flicker Control: 50Hz/60Hz

Package List:1 x User Manual

ZCZZ USB Webcam, Adjustable Computer Camera, with Microphone Liv


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