Card Cell Phone Ultra Max 79% OFF Slim Min Mobile Fashionable I8 Card Cell Phone Ultra Max 79% OFF Slim Min Mobile Fashionable I8 $31 Card Cell Phone, Ultra Slim Min Card Mobile Phone I8 Fashionable Cell Phones Accessories Cell Phones $31 Card Cell Phone, Ultra Slim Min Card Mobile Phone I8 Fashionable Cell Phones Accessories Cell Phones Ultra,Mobile,Cell,I8,Card,Slim,Phone,,Phone,/caseweed1358692.html,$31,Min,Cell Phones Accessories , Cell Phones,,Card,Fashionable Ultra,Mobile,Cell,I8,Card,Slim,Phone,,Phone,/caseweed1358692.html,$31,Min,Cell Phones Accessories , Cell Phones,,Card,Fashionable

Card Cell Phone Translated Ultra Max 79% OFF Slim Min Mobile Fashionable I8

Card Cell Phone, Ultra Slim Min Card Mobile Phone I8 Fashionable


Card Cell Phone, Ultra Slim Min Card Mobile Phone I8 Fashionable

Product description


1. Small in size and light in weight, portable and easy to carry, more convenient to use.
2. Lovely and fashionable rear cover pattern, removable and replaceable.
3. Support dual card dual standby, earphone interface, multiple languages and other powerful function.
4. With 1200mAh large capacity battery, longer playing time, no more worry of lacking of electricity.
5. Adopt high quality plastic material, firm and durable, not easy to break, provide longer service life.

Item Type: Mini Card Cell Phone
Material: Plastic
Weight: Approx. 160g/ 5.6oz

Card Cell Phone, Ultra Slim Min Card Mobile Phone I8 Fashionable


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