Photo,Digital,Frame,$151,Electronics , Camera Photo,,18.5-inch,Wall-Mounted,Machine,D,Advertising,/chancelloress1358598.html $151 18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Advertising Machine Wall-Mounted D Electronics Camera Photo $151 18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Advertising Machine Wall-Mounted D Electronics Camera Photo 18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Machine Advertising D New Free Shipping Wall-Mounted Photo,Digital,Frame,$151,Electronics , Camera Photo,,18.5-inch,Wall-Mounted,Machine,D,Advertising,/chancelloress1358598.html 18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Machine Advertising D New Free Shipping Wall-Mounted

18.5-inch Surprise price Digital Photo Frame Machine Advertising D New Free Shipping Wall-Mounted

18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Advertising Machine Wall-Mounted D


18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Advertising Machine Wall-Mounted D

Product description


Name: Electronic photo frame
Size: 18.5 inches
Colors: White, Black
Material: ABS
Resolution: 1366*768
Power supply mode: plug-in use
Support memory card: SD, Mini SD, mmc, U disk
Support image formats: jpg, png, JPEG
Audio playback: support MP3
Product accessories: remote control, power adapter, manual, monitor stand

18.5-inch Digital Photo Frame Advertising Machine Wall-Mounted D

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