TEMCo Import 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit M CNC Tools NC-NO Switch - Rod,/chancelloress957198.html,Plastic,Spring,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$39,Limit,Switch,CNC,10,QTY,M,NC-NO,TEMCo,dhirenshahandco.com,-,Tools Rod,/chancelloress957198.html,Plastic,Spring,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$39,Limit,Switch,CNC,10,QTY,M,NC-NO,TEMCo,dhirenshahandco.com,-,Tools TEMCo Import 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit M CNC Tools NC-NO Switch - $39 TEMCo 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit Switch Tools - NC-NO CNC M Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical $39 TEMCo 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit Switch Tools - NC-NO CNC M Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

TEMCo Ranking TOP3 Import 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit M CNC Tools NC-NO Switch -

TEMCo 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit Switch Tools - NC-NO CNC M


TEMCo 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit Switch Tools - NC-NO CNC M

Product description

Size:10 Qty

TEMCo's micro and limit switches are all snap action. What does this mean?

In snap action contacts, the movement of the actuator applies force to an overcenter mechanism. This mechanism creates a quick change in contact state when the trip point is reached. Reversing the motion of the actuator to a given reset point causes the contacts to snap back to their original position.

Snap action contacts have different trip and reset points. The distance between the trip and reset point is called the travel to reset, hysteresis, or differential. Finite travel to reset helps to avoid multiple changes of state if the object actuating the switch is subject to vibration.

Snap action contacts ensure repeatable performance in applications that involve low speed actuators. The amount of travel of the contacts is also not dependent on the amount of travel by the actuator.


Type: Plastic Spring Rod
Contact structure: Snap action
Rated current: 5A at 250 VAC, 0.4A at 125VDC
Contact resistance (initial value): Under 15m
Contact material: Silver cadmium oxide
Insulation resistance (initial value): 100 MΩ min. (tested at 500VDC)
Voltage (withstanding): Open contacts - 1000V 50/60 Hz 1 min, Between chassis and contacts - 2000V 50/60Hz 1 min
Shock resistance: Free state - under 98m/s

TEMCo 10 QTY Plastic Spring Rod Limit Switch Tools - NC-NO CNC M

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