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Kids Digital Camera with Limited time trial price Walkie Talkies Two Function- Blu Set Super popular specialty store of

Kids Digital Camera with Walkie Talkies Function- Set of Two Blu


Kids Digital Camera with Walkie Talkies Function- Set of Two Blu

Product Description

best gift for kids
camera for kids


You can choose among a 2 pink set, a 2 blue set or create your own with individual pink and blue units for sale.

pink camera blue camera
Camera Type Front amp; Back Front amp; Back
Screen Type 2.0 inch 2.0 inch
Video Resolution 1080P 1080P
Dual Camera Lenses 8 MP 8 MP
Micro SD Card Storage 32GB Included 32GB Included
USB Data Cable
Lanyard Pink Blue
Screen Proteccion 2 Layers peel off 2 Layers peel off
Transmission Type 2.4G 2.4 G

Kids Digital Camera with short range Walky Talky function (50 meters).

Your child will be able to play spy games with a 2 pack walkie talkie set - we offer additional units for purchase if you need more than two.

Kids can take pictures from front and back camera, record videos, play mp3s (loading music with included data cable), add digital stickers to photos amp; play video games - all from one device.

Easily transfer pictures and videos taken to your computer or phone with included 32GB micro SD and the included data cable.

Photo Resolution: 3264 x 2448 Pixels

Video Resolution: 1930*1080 Pixels

Battery capacity: 700mAh, charging time: 1-2 hours -for continuous shooting of 2000 photos or about 4 hours.

Walkie Talkies are RADIO FREQUENCY communication devices, they will not be able to share video wirelessly. (NO VIDEO TRANSMISSION)

Each Camera/Walkie Talkie measures 4.92 x 2.56 x .98 inches and weights 2.93 oz.

Kids Digital Camera with Walkie Talkies Function- Set of Two Blu

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