$42 Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Metal Garment Rack with Lockable Home Kitchen Storage Organization Livebest,Lockable,Hanging,with,Closet,/croppie1106042.html,dhirenshahandco.com,Tiers,Garment,Rack,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Metal,$42,3 $42 Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Metal Garment Rack with Lockable Home Kitchen Storage Organization Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Garment Rack [Alternative dealer] Metal Lockable with Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Garment Rack [Alternative dealer] Metal Lockable with Livebest,Lockable,Hanging,with,Closet,/croppie1106042.html,dhirenshahandco.com,Tiers,Garment,Rack,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Metal,$42,3

Livebest 3 Tiers New Shipping Free Shipping Hanging Closet Garment Rack Alternative dealer Metal Lockable with

Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Metal Garment Rack with Lockable


Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Metal Garment Rack with Lockable

Product description

Material: low carbon steel
Product size: 35 x 17.2 x72 in
Gross weight: 22 lb
Surface treatment: dusting
Components: 3 pieces of mesh + 1 hanging garment bar + 4 subsections + 1 set 1.5 inch nylon wheel

Cramped closet or no closet at all—no problem, with Livebest’s Freestanding Closet! Instantly organize clothes, shoes, accessories and more. The closet’s open design allows for clear visibility and access allowing you to easily see and grab exactly what you need.

Livebest 3 Tiers Hanging Closet Metal Garment Rack with Lockable

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