inch,Photo,Electronics , Camera Photo,Photo,Wall-Mount,Album,,17,Electronic,$95,Frame,HD,/croppie1358742.html,Digital 17 inch Ranking TOP10 Digital Photo Frame Album Wall-Mount Electronic HD $95 17 inch Digital Photo Frame HD Electronic Photo Album Wall-Mount Electronics Camera Photo 17 inch Ranking TOP10 Digital Photo Frame Album Wall-Mount Electronic HD $95 17 inch Digital Photo Frame HD Electronic Photo Album Wall-Mount Electronics Camera Photo inch,Photo,Electronics , Camera Photo,Photo,Wall-Mount,Album,,17,Electronic,$95,Frame,HD,/croppie1358742.html,Digital

17 inch Ranking TOP10 Digital Photo Frame Album Wall-Mount Electronic HD Financial sales sale

17 inch Digital Photo Frame HD Electronic Photo Album Wall-Mount


17 inch Digital Photo Frame HD Electronic Photo Album Wall-Mount

Product description


Name: Electronic photo frame
Size: 17 inches
Color: black, white
Material: Plastic
Resolution: 1440*900
Power supply mode: plug-in use
Support memory card: MS, SD, U disk, TF, mmc, Mini SD
Display area: 362*225mm
Support image format: JPEG, jpg
Music format: MP3, WMA, etc.
Video format: Support FLV RMVB MP4 AVI MPEG1(VCD), MPEG2(DVD), MPEG4(AVI)
Product accessories: remote control, power adapter, manual, monitor stand

17 inch Digital Photo Frame HD Electronic Photo Album Wall-Mount

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