External Hard Drive Columbus Mall Portable HDD State Disk SATA3. 2.5in Solid Portable,Solid,Electronics , Computers Accessories,State,Drive,Disk,,dhirenshahandco.com,HDD,,$32,Hard,2.5in,SATA3.,External,/croppie755442.html Portable,Solid,Electronics , Computers Accessories,State,Drive,Disk,,dhirenshahandco.com,HDD,,$32,Hard,2.5in,SATA3.,External,/croppie755442.html $32 External Hard Drive Portable HDD, Solid State Disk, 2.5in SATA3. Electronics Computers Accessories External Hard Drive Columbus Mall Portable HDD State Disk SATA3. 2.5in Solid $32 External Hard Drive Portable HDD, Solid State Disk, 2.5in SATA3. Electronics Computers Accessories

External Ranking TOP9 Hard Drive Columbus Mall Portable HDD State Disk SATA3. 2.5in Solid

External Hard Drive Portable HDD, Solid State Disk, 2.5in SATA3.


External Hard Drive Portable HDD, Solid State Disk, 2.5in SATA3.

Product description



1. Solid state drive has a standard SATA 3.0 interface, with high transmission rate and stable operation.
2. Lightweight and portable 2.5in solid state hard drive allows it to be carried anywhere you want.
3. The shell is made of high‑quality ABS material, which is resistant to compression and wear and can be used for a long time.
4. The solid state drive supports for OS X/XPWin7/Win8/Win10/Linux and other operating systems.
5. Solid state drive is often used to store backup files, movies, music, pictures, software, data, files, etc.


Item Type: Solid State Disk
Model: SSD H2
Material: ABS
Color: Gradient yellow-green
Interface: SATA 3.0
Read and Write Speed: 60GB write 150M/S read 300M/S, 120GB write 150M/S read 300M/S, 240GB write 200M/S read 400M/S, 480GB write 200M/S read 400M/ S, 960GB write 500M/S read 500M/S
Applicable System: For OS X/XP/Win7/Win8/Win10/Linux
Command Support: For TRIM disable delete notification/ECC smart error correction
Operating Power Consumption: 3W-5W
Application: Store backup files, movies, music, pictures, software, data, files, etc.

Package List:

1 x Solid

External Hard Drive Portable HDD, Solid State Disk, 2.5in SATA3.

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