Cooling Time sale System Kit PlasticMetal Purge Vacuum $29 Cooling System Kit, PlasticMetal Cooling System Vacuum Purge Automotive Tools Equipment Cooling,$29,System,Cooling,/dain1359104.html,PlasticMetal,System,Vacuum,Kit,,Automotive , Tools Equipment,,Purge $29 Cooling System Kit, PlasticMetal Cooling System Vacuum Purge Automotive Tools Equipment Cooling Time sale System Kit PlasticMetal Purge Vacuum Cooling,$29,System,Cooling,/dain1359104.html,PlasticMetal,System,Vacuum,Kit,,Automotive , Tools Equipment,,Purge

Cooling Time sale System Kit PlasticMetal Special price Purge Vacuum

Cooling System Kit, PlasticMetal Cooling System Vacuum Purge


Cooling System Kit, PlasticMetal Cooling System Vacuum Purge

Product description


Quickly refill tool with coolant to refill entire cooling system quickly without producing air bubbles.

This kit eliminates the need for bleeding and purging system to remove air pockets.

Including flexible hose for work on hard-to-reach connections.

The pressure gauge with rubber protective sleeve and pressure relief vale.

Simple to assemble and use with included easy-to-read instructions and diagram.

It includes a universal coolers for use on radiators on most cars, SUV, and light trucks.

The solid plastic carrying case makes for easy transportation, simple storage, and quick identification.Specifications:

Condition: 100% brand new

Material: plastic, metal, rubber

Color: shown as picture

Case Color: red

Size: shown as picture

Fluid Hose Length: approx.147cm / 57.9"(thick one), 75cm / 29.5"(thin one)

Air Pressure: 90 PSI

Air Consumption: 12 cfm

Cooling System Kit, PlasticMetal Cooling System Vacuum Purge



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