Luigi Bormioli Intenso unisex Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine of Flute 4 Set Luigi,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Flute,,Bormioli,$35,4,/deontology1105778.html,,of,Wine,Set,Intenso,Crystal,8.25,Ounce Luigi,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Flute,,Bormioli,$35,4,/deontology1105778.html,,of,Wine,Set,Intenso,Crystal,8.25,Ounce Luigi Bormioli Intenso unisex Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine of Flute 4 Set $35 Luigi Bormioli Intenso Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine Flute, Set of 4 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $35 Luigi Bormioli Intenso Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine Flute, Set of 4 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Japan Maker New Luigi Bormioli Intenso unisex Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine of Flute 4 Set

Luigi Bormioli Intenso Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine Flute, Set of 4


Luigi Bormioli Intenso Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine Flute, Set of 4

Product description

Indulge in a relaxing glass of wine with this set of Intenso flute wine glasses from Luigi Bormioli. This set of four wine glasses is made from non-leaded crystal and is perfect for entertaining or enjoying wine on your own. An important part of wine enjoyment, swirling these glasses helps to open up and aerate the wine, releasing all the aromas and flavors that the wine has to offer. The aromatic chamber and bowl’s shape help to reduce wine flaws if present. Ideal for your choice of wine and dishwasher safe, these glasses come with a manufacturer's limited 25 year warranty.

8.25 ounce capacity

Luigi Bormioli Intenso Crystal 8.25 Ounce Wine Flute, Set of 4

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