$89 Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Component modular termi Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal termi modular Blocks Max 75% OFF Component $89 Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Component modular termi Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Terminal,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Blocks,Contact,$89,dhirenshahandco.com,/deontology957078.html,Rail,termi,Phoenix,Component,modular,DIN Terminal,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,Blocks,Contact,$89,dhirenshahandco.com,/deontology957078.html,Rail,termi,Phoenix,Component,modular,DIN Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal termi modular Blocks Max 75% OFF Component

Phoenix Contact Max 58% OFF DIN Rail Terminal termi modular Blocks Max 75% OFF Component

Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Component modular termi


Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Component modular termi

Product description

Product Specification:

  • Manufacturer:Phoenix Contact
  • RoHS:RoHS Compliant
  • Type:Wire to Wire
  • Number of Positions:2 Position
  • Current Rating:41 A
  • Voltage Rating:400 V
  • Wire Gauge Range:20 AWG to 8 AWG
  • Connection Method:Screw
  • Color:Gray
  • Flammability Rating:UL 94 V-0
  • Mounting Style:DIN Rail
  • Length:72 mm
  • Width:8.2 mm
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Brand:Phoenix Contact
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 85 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:- 60 C
  • Wire Gauge Max:8 AWG
  • Wire Gauge Min:20 AWG

Phoenix Contact DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Component modular termi

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