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5 ☆ popular SHENYF 1pc Vacuum Brazed Diamond Granite Marble Dry Cheap mail order sales Drilling Bit

SHENYF 1pc Vacuum Brazed Diamond Dry Drilling Bit Granite Marble


SHENYF 1pc Vacuum Brazed Diamond Dry Drilling Bit Granite Marble

Product description


Due to manual shooting, there will be deviations between the actual object and the picture, but it will not affect the use effect.

Diameter: 20MM, 25MM, 28MM, 32MM, 35MM, 38MM, 45MM, 50MM, 65MM, 100MM;

Total Length: 75MM; M14 Female Thread (That is very important for your machine)

Machine: Angle Grinder...


Wide Application for Porcelain tile granite marble stone masonry brick...

Vacuum Brazed technology provide much longer working life than electroplated technology

High quality Diamond Grain provide fast and smooth drilling

Minimizing any breakage and safe for operator

SHENYF 1pc Vacuum Brazed Diamond Dry Drilling Bit Granite Marble

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