$106 B25UXP45-A90 / Black 23L / 0.9cuft Retro Microwave With Display/ Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Black,With,0.9cuft,23L,/diapente957348.html,/,Display/,Retro,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,B25UXP45-A90,$106,Microwave,/,dhirenshahandco.com Black,With,0.9cuft,23L,/diapente957348.html,/,Display/,Retro,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,B25UXP45-A90,$106,Microwave,/,dhirenshahandco.com B25UXP45-A90 Black 23L 0.9cuft With trust Retro Display Microwave B25UXP45-A90 Black 23L 0.9cuft With trust Retro Display Microwave $106 B25UXP45-A90 / Black 23L / 0.9cuft Retro Microwave With Display/ Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

B25UXP45-A90 Black 23L 0.9cuft With trust 67% OFF of fixed price Retro Display Microwave

B25UXP45-A90 / Black 23L / 0.9cuft Retro Microwave With Display/


B25UXP45-A90 / Black 23L / 0.9cuft Retro Microwave With Display/

Product description

Retro series 0.9 Cu. Ft 900W microwave lets you have a vintage aesthetic while keeping modern conveniences. With a beautiful and sleek retro design, this microwave is sure to stand out in any kitchen. It features 5 pre-programmed cooking settings and a bright LED display, making usability simple. Five power levels and 900 watts of power are perfect for reheating leftovers or cooking food.
1. Five power levels: HIGH(100% power output)-M.High(80% power output)-Med (60% power output)-M.Low(40% power output)-LOW(20% power output). this microwave oven is designed to meet your various cooking needs
2. 360° Rotating evenly heating: 360° heating and rotation of glass turntable during operation helps cook food more evenly and then improves the cooking efficiency. So you will enjoy fresh and delicious food within a short time. Meanwhile, the detachable design makes it convenient for clean after each operation
3. Customizable AUTO cooking MODE: The retro microwave oven has default 8 cooking menu for popular foods such as popcorn, pizza, potatoes. After selecting the menu, enter the menu weight selection and press “start” button to start cooking. The automatic cooking program menu operation brings convenience and efficiency to your life
4. Interior light and child lock: Interior light for checking the status without having to open the doors. The safety lock prevents unsupervised operation by children. Lock the control panel using the child safety lock option to prevent accidental use or access by children
5. Retro accents: a sleek chrome door handle, control panel and accents add fun and flair to this unique retro styled appliance

1. Power Supply: 120V / 60Hz
2. Output Power: 900W
3. Capacity: 0.9 Cu.Ft
4. Colour: Red
5. Five Power Levels: HIGH - M.High - Med - M.Low - LOW
6. Menu: 8 cooking menu
7. Unit Dimension: (19.6 x 11.42 x 15.2)" / (49.8 x 29 x 38.6) cm (L x W x H)
8. Certi

B25UXP45-A90 / Black 23L / 0.9cuft Retro Microwave With Display/

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