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URIBAKE Japan Maker New Womens Faux Fur Trust Coat Cardigan Open Plush Front Fu Shaggy

URIBAKE Womens Faux Fur Coat Cardigan Plush Open Front Shaggy Fu


URIBAKE Womens Faux Fur Coat Cardigan Plush Open Front Shaggy Fu

Product description

Winter Is Coming. Why Not Wear This Warm Coat?

This coats is a dream come true! Picture wearing a soft, warm blanket while looking stylish, on-trend, and super cute!

Everyone that puts this on never wants to take it off! The softest, most luxurious jacket we have ever offered!

Available in Youth + Adult! This will soon become your favorite thing in your wardrobe! Perfect for cold autumn nights in winter!

URIBAKE provides quality clothing at reasonable prices because we cherish all customers who visit our list!

Stop in front of our shop and check out our other great deals, we are sure you will find items that anyone who needs a gift will absolutely love and love!

Size Chart(Unit:CM/Inch):

Size: S US Size: 4 Bust: 88cm/34.65'' Shoulder: 38cm/14.96'' Sleeve: 55cm/21.65'' Length: 50cm/19.69''
Size: M US Size: 6 Bust: 92cm/36.22'' Shoulder: 39cm/15.35'' Sleeve: 56cm/22.05'' Length: 51cm/20.08''
Size: L US Size: 8 Bust: 96cm/37.80'' Shoulder: 40cm/15.75'' Sleeve: 57cm/22.44'' Length: 52cm/20.47''
Size: XL US Size: 10 Bust: 100cm/39.37'' Shoulder: 41cm/16.14'' Sleeve: 58cm/22.83'' Length: 53cm/20.87''
Size: XXL US Size: 12 Bust: 104cm/40.94'' Shoulder: 42cm/16.54'' Sleeve: 59cm/23.23'' Length: 54cm/21.26''
Size: XXXL US Size: 14 Bust: 108cm/42.52'' Shoulder: 44cm/17.32'' Sleeve: 60cm/23.62'' Length: 55cm/21.65''

URIBAKE Womens Faux Fur Coat Cardigan Plush Open Front Shaggy Fu

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