Desktop,Iron,Ironing,Multifunction,Desktop,,$91,/dogmata1106108.html,Lengthen,Board,,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Rack Ranking TOP20 Desktop Ironing Board Lengthen Rack Multifunction Iron Ranking TOP20 Desktop Ironing Board Lengthen Rack Multifunction Iron $91 Desktop Ironing Board, Lengthen Desktop Iron Rack Multifunction Home Kitchen Irons Steamers Desktop,Iron,Ironing,Multifunction,Desktop,,$91,/dogmata1106108.html,Lengthen,Board,,Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Rack $91 Desktop Ironing Board, Lengthen Desktop Iron Rack Multifunction Home Kitchen Irons Steamers

Ranking TOP20 Desktop Ironing Board Lengthen Rack Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Multifunction Iron

Desktop Ironing Board, Lengthen Desktop Iron Rack Multifunction


Desktop Ironing Board, Lengthen Desktop Iron Rack Multifunction

Product description


★ Name: Desktop ironing board

★Material: Metal

★Color: Picture color

★ Size: 80*33*11CM

★ Is it foldable: yes


★Features: Use stronger carbon steel raw materials, and thicken the support rods, support solid and solid, unfold the support lock, safely lock the bracket, prevent sway, flexible foot pads, firmly lock the table, and smoothly iron;

★Design concept: make ironing clothes a pleasure, focus on the heart can not be exceeded, more is the invisible project


Tip: This product does not contain other accessories!

Tip: Due to the angle of the shot and the light, a slight chromatic aberration may occur. Due to the different measurement tools, there may be 1-2CM errors, which is normal. beg to be excused!

Tip: If you provide us with photos after product logistics and shipping damage, we can replace or refund them for free;

Tip: Since we are using international logistics, successful delivery usually takes 15-25 days, more than 30 days, please contact us in time;

Welcome your purchase, your recognition is our greatest motivation! !

Desktop Ironing Board, Lengthen Desktop Iron Rack Multifunction

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