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Screaming for Vengeance


Screaming for Vengeance

Editorial Reviews

Vinyl LP repressing. Screaming for Vengeance is the eighth studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest, originally released on 17 July 1982. The album, considered the band's commercial breakthrough, sold in excess of five million units worldwide and has been certified double platinum in the United States of America as well as platinum in Canada. The album includes the hit single "You've Got Another Thing Comin'", which became one of the band's signature songs and a perennial radio favorite. Screaming for Vengeance was recorded at Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain (during this period, it was commonplace for UK-based musicians to record in continental Europe for tax purposes) and mixed at Beejay Recording Studios and Bayshore Recording Studios in Coconut Grove, Florida. Stylistically, Screaming for Vengeance showcased a harder, heavier sound than British Steel and saw the band quickly reverse direction back into straight heavy rock after the melodically styled direction of Point of Entry.

Screaming for Vengeance

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