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Retro Firefighter Wall Clock Fire Dept Japan's largest assortment Home Ranking TOP19 Vinyl Fireman Decor

Retro Firefighter Wall Clock Fire Dept Home Decor Fireman Vinyl


Retro Firefighter Wall Clock Fire Dept Home Decor Fireman Vinyl

Product description

Color:Without Led

All Clocks Are Made Of 12 Inch (30 Cm) Recycled Vinyl Records. Actual Size After The Cut Out Will Vary Depending On The Shape.
Clock Face Is A Sticker
Vinyl Record Label Sent Randomly
Battery Type: 1 Aa Battery (Not Included)
Clock Mechanism:
We Use High Quality Silent Floating Balance Mechanisms. We Would Not Want To Disturb Your Sleep. Your Good Night Sleep Is Of Great Importance To Us.
Improve Your Home'S Look
A Superb Gift For Any Occasion And A Good Decoration For A Bedroom, A Child Room, A Living Room, A Bar, A Shop, A Cafe, A Restaurant And Parties.
Led Lighting Function:
The Controller Operates The On/Off And Modes Of The Lights. It Is Small And Very Handy. The Remote Controller Require A Cr2025 Battery (Not Included) To Function. The Lights Themselves Have A Very Nice Glow. There Are Available 7 Color And 3 Brightness Modes.
Quality And Service Guarantee, If You Have Any Questions When Using This Product, Please Feel Free To Contact Us, We Will Try Our Best To Provide You With A Satisfactory Solution.

Retro Firefighter Wall Clock Fire Dept Home Decor Fireman Vinyl

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