Knocbel safety Storage Cabinet with Compartments Double Doors $95 Knocbel Storage Cabinet with Double Doors, Storage Compartments Home Kitchen Furniture Storage,Double,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/estop1106197.html,Cabinet,,$95,Doors,,Knocbel,Compartments,Storage Storage,Double,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/estop1106197.html,Cabinet,,$95,Doors,,Knocbel,Compartments,Storage $95 Knocbel Storage Cabinet with Double Doors, Storage Compartments Home Kitchen Furniture Knocbel safety Storage Cabinet with Compartments Double Doors

Knocbel safety Storage Quality inspection Cabinet with Compartments Double Doors

Knocbel Storage Cabinet with Double Doors, Storage Compartments


Knocbel Storage Cabinet with Double Doors, Storage Compartments

Product description


This is a larger sideboard / locker; Wide panel, can put all kinds of items; Below the face plate is the shelf of 5.9" height, double door design cent, open is the store content ark that takes laminate, laminate can adjust up and down, when do not need, also can take out.
This model adopts strong P2 density plate quality, high quality metal handle production, cross side plate design style, reflects the practicality and beauty of this cabinet.
No matter be put in sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, toilet, porch to wait, can become the most perfect collocation in the family.

1. Solid P2 density plate
2. Large storage space
3. High quality metal handle
4. Aesthetics and practicality
5. Easy installation
1. Color: White
2. Material: P2 Density Board
3. Product Size : (39.4 x 17 x 31.5)" / (100.08 x 43.18 x 80.01)cm(L x W x H)
4. Intermediate Shelf Height: 5.9"
5. Door Size: 18.30 x 17.95"
6. Height Off The Ground: Side Panel 4.5" Front Door Panel 3.5"
7. Net Weight: 51.81lbs / 23.5kg

Package Includes:
1 x Side Cabinet
1 x Accessory Package
1 x Installation Instructions

Knocbel Storage Cabinet with Double Doors, Storage Compartments


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