At the price of surprise Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer Smartph for,Stand,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Multifunction,$53,Stabilizer,for,Gimbal,Phone,Wireless,/fugu755549.html,Smartph $53 Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartph Cell Phones Accessories Accessories At the price of surprise Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer Smartph for $53 Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartph Cell Phones Accessories Accessories,Stand,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Multifunction,$53,Stabilizer,for,Gimbal,Phone,Wireless,/fugu755549.html,Smartph

At the price of surprise Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Max 65% OFF Gimbal Stabilizer Smartph for

Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartph


Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartph

Product description

More creativity, more fun, release your imagination, free your hands, quickly transition to capture subtle movements, don't miss every moment, and make every second meaningful. Appreciate the charm of the film, as if you are on the scene.

【product properties】
Product name: V6 multifunctional foldable mobile phone holder
Maximum load: 250g
Product material: metal+silica gel+PC
Stretching length: 1300mm
Battery capacity: 1000Ah
Life time: 12 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Support functions: Intelligent anti-shake, 360° shooting, panoramic overhead shooting, double-sided light supplement, Bluetooth Selfie, 7 kinds of lighting effects stereo light supplement
Product size: 210*80*63mm

【packing list】
1 * Mobile phone holder
1 * Packing box
1 * Data cable
1 * Manual

We are very happy to provide customers with quality services. Has a professional after-sales service team in the United States and Europe. If you have any questions, please contact us via email, we will reply within 24 hours and help you solve the problem.

Multifunction Phone Stand Wireless Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartph



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