Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,M18,,OD=42mm,,(200,,Metric,,pcs),Co,$191,/fugu957449.html,ID=19mm,,THK=4.5mm,,6796,,DIN $191 (200 pcs) M18, ID=19mm, OD=42mm, THK=4.5mm, DIN 6796, Metric, Co Industrial Scientific Fasteners Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,M18,,OD=42mm,,(200,,Metric,,pcs),Co,$191,/fugu957449.html,ID=19mm,,THK=4.5mm,,6796,,DIN $191 (200 pcs) M18, ID=19mm, OD=42mm, THK=4.5mm, DIN 6796, Metric, Co Industrial Scientific Fasteners Mail order 200 pcs M18 ID=19mm OD=42mm DIN Co THK=4.5mm Metric 6796 Mail order 200 pcs M18 ID=19mm OD=42mm DIN Co THK=4.5mm Metric 6796

Mail order 200 pcs M18 ID=19mm OD=42mm DIN Co THK=4.5mm Metric 6796 quality assurance

(200 pcs) M18, ID=19mm, OD=42mm, THK=4.5mm, DIN 6796, Metric, Co


(200 pcs) M18, ID=19mm, OD=42mm, THK=4.5mm, DIN 6796, Metric, Co

Product description

  • Diameter (Nominal): M18
  • Inside Diameter (Nominal): 19mm
  • Outside Diameter (Nominal): 42mm
  • Thickness (Nominal): 4.5mm
  • Category: Conical Disc Spring Washers
  • System of Measurement: Metric
  • Brand: Aspen Fasteners

    (200 pcs) M18, ID=19mm, OD=42mm, THK=4.5mm, DIN 6796, Metric, Co



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