M10 x Superlatite 1.50 30 Coarse Thread A 12-Point Screw Flange Class 12.9 M10 x Superlatite 1.50 30 Coarse Thread A 12-Point Screw Flange Class 12.9 $25 M10 x 1.50 x 30 Coarse Thread Class 12.9 12-Point Flange Screw A Industrial Scientific Fasteners /globy1106076.html,dhirenshahandco.com,Flange,x,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Screw,M10,1.50,Coarse,x,$25,Thread,30,12-Point,12.9,A,Class /globy1106076.html,dhirenshahandco.com,Flange,x,Industrial Scientific , Fasteners,Screw,M10,1.50,Coarse,x,$25,Thread,30,12-Point,12.9,A,Class $25 M10 x 1.50 x 30 Coarse Thread Class 12.9 12-Point Flange Screw A Industrial Scientific Fasteners

M10 x Superlatite 1.50 30 Coarse Thread A 12-Point Screw Flange Class 12.9 Popular popular

M10 x 1.50 x 30 Coarse Thread Class 12.9 12-Point Flange Screw A


M10 x 1.50 x 30 Coarse Thread Class 12.9 12-Point Flange Screw A

Product description

Number of Items:10


Part #: 0000-182727

Fastener Type: 12-Point Flange Screw
Size Description: M10 x 1.50 x 30
Diameter/Nominal Size: M10
Length: 30
Wrench Size/Across Flats: 9.93-10.05mm
Head Height: 9.78-10.00mm
Flange Diameter: 15.69-15.95mm
Flange Thickness: 4.13-4.50mm
Thread Pitch: 1.50
Thread Pitch Type: Coarse
Thread Direction: Right
System of Measurement: Metric
Property Class: 12.9
Material: Alloy Steel
Finish: Thermal Black Oxide
Head Type: 12-Point with Flange
Drive Type: External 12-Point
Average Piece Weight: 0.0531000 lbs.

12-Point flange screws, also known as Ferry Bolts are high-strength fasteners where the flange diameter and head thickness of the 12-Point Flange Screw are equivalent to the head dimensions of a socket head cap screw, thus permitting the 12-Point Flange Screw to be a replacement for any application that calls for a socket head cap screw. The 12-point head design means that this screw can be tightened with a 12-point socket wrench which allows higher torques to be applied as compared to a standard internal hex drive socket head cap screw. The head or wrench size is the same as the body size.

M10 x 1.50 x 30 Coarse Thread Class 12.9 12-Point Flange Screw A

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