Digital,Camera,V-LUX,(Typ,Leica,,/globy755776.html,114),Complete,$819,Electronics , Camera Photo,Bundle $819 Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera Complete Bundle Electronics Camera Photo Los Angeles Mall Leica V-LUX Typ 114 Complete Camera Digital Bundle $819 Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera Complete Bundle Electronics Camera Photo Digital,Camera,V-LUX,(Typ,Leica,,/globy755776.html,114),Complete,$819,Electronics , Camera Photo,Bundle Los Angeles Mall Leica V-LUX Typ 114 Complete Camera Digital Bundle

Discount is also underway Los Angeles Mall Leica V-LUX Typ 114 Complete Camera Digital Bundle

Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera Complete Bundle


Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera Complete Bundle

Product description

The Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera is an advanced point-and-shoot digital camera with the form factor of a DSLR. It has a 20MP, 1" MOS sensor, a 16x zoom lens, and UHD 4K video capability.

The built-in, DC Vario-Elmarit, 9.1-146mm f/2.8-4.0 ASPH lens has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 25-400mm. Optical Image Stabilization helps minimize the appearance of camera shake, resulting in sharper images, and 4x digital zoom and 32x intelligent zoom provide the lens with an extended focal range. The moderately fast aperture, combined with a native sensitivity range of ISO 120-12500 allow the lens to perform in situations with low light.

The V-LUX captures high-quality MP4 video files in resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 UHD 4K, and a built-in microphone can record stereo audio while recording video.

A 3", 920k-dot, rotatable, LCD screen on the camera enables photo review and menu navigation, and a 0.39", OLED, 2,360k-dot, electronic viewfinder allows for accurate composition. Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC allow for instant image sharing and remote control via the Image Shuttle App.
Bundle Items Include:

Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera
Battery Charger
USB Cable
Neck Strap
Lens Cap
Lens Hood
Hot Shoe Cover
64GB UHS-I SDXC Memory Card (Class 10)
62mm 3 Piece Filter Kit Includes: UV, Fluorescent, Polarizer
Lens Pen Cleaner
USB Card Reader
5 Piece Lens Cleaning Kit
Memory Card Wallet
LCD Screen Protectors
Microfiber Cloth

Leica V-LUX (Typ 114) Digital Camera Complete Bundle

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