YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Office Shape Ranking TOP4 Seat Sofa Lazy dhirenshahandco.com,Paw,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cat,Seat,YOOSA,Office,Sofa,Cushion,Shape,$23,Cushion,Lazy,/gluttony1106279.html,Chair $23 YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Shape Lazy Sofa Office Seat Cushion Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $23 YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Shape Lazy Sofa Office Seat Cushion Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Office Shape Ranking TOP4 Seat Sofa Lazy dhirenshahandco.com,Paw,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cat,Seat,YOOSA,Office,Sofa,Cushion,Shape,$23,Cushion,Lazy,/gluttony1106279.html,Chair

YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Office Shape New item Ranking TOP4 Seat Sofa Lazy

YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Shape Lazy Sofa Office Seat Cushion


YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Shape Lazy Sofa Office Seat Cushion

Product description



Smooth hand feel, delicate and skin-friendly.


Name: Cat Claw Cushion

Fabric: rabbit fur fabric

Filling: PP cotton

Product size: about 80*70cm/31.5*27.56in

Weight: about 950g

Packing List:

Seat Cushion*1


There may be a tolerance of 1-3cm due to manual measurement.

YOOSA Chair Cushion Cat Paw Shape Lazy Sofa Office Seat Cushion

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