Vera Bradley Women's Signature Tote Max 51% OFF Bag Cotton Small Women's,/gluttony957079.html,Small,,Bradley,Cotton,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Bag,Vera,Vera,$42,Tote,Signature Vera Bradley Women's Signature Tote Max 51% OFF Bag Cotton Small $42 Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Small Vera Tote Bag Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $42 Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Small Vera Tote Bag Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's,/gluttony957079.html,Small,,Bradley,Cotton,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Bag,Vera,Vera,$42,Tote,Signature

Vera Bradley Women's Signature Tote Max 51% OFF Bag Cotton Small trend rank

Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Small Vera Tote Bag


Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Small Vera Tote Bag

Product description

Our quilted cotton is colorful and lightweight Wear as a crossbody or belt bag Exterior features 1 front zip pocket and a hidden zip pocket on back D-ring for keys on top of strap Removable strap extender Zip closure Machine wash cold gentle cycle Use non-chlorine bleach as needed line dry. Vera Bradley is your back to school destination! Our back packs are perfect for back to school, work, and travel, including backpacks for men, backpacks for women, backpacks for girls, and backpacks for boys. Our bookbags have plenty of organization, whether you are shopping for a large backpack or a mini backpack.

From the manufacturer

Lanyard Recycled Cotton Small Vera Tote Bag Microfiber Vera Tote Bag Performance Twill Vera Tote Bag ReActive Tote Bag Signature Cotton Vera Tote Bag
Signature Cotton Small Vera Tote Recycled Cotton Small Vera Tote Microfiber Small Vera Tote Performance Twill Small Vera Tote ReActive Tote Signature Cotton Vera Tote
Fabric Signature Cotton Recycled Cotton Microfiber Performance Twill Recycled Lighten Up Signature Cotton
Fabric Attributes Durable amp; Lightweight Durable, Lightweight, amp; Made from recycled cotton fibers Sleek amp; Lightweight Water-repellent amp; Lightweight Water-repellent, Lightweight, amp; Made from repurposed bottles Durable amp; Lightweight
Dimensions 11.50" w x 11.25" h x 4.50" d 11.50" w x 11.25" h x 4.50" d 11.50" w x 11.25" h x 4.50" d 11.50" w x 11.25" h x 4.50" d 14.50" w x 13.50" h x 6.00" d 15.00" w x 14.50" h x 6.00" d
Solids vs Patterns Patterns Patterns Solids Solids amp; Patterns Solids amp; Patterns Patterns
Organization Exterior - 3 pockets; Interior - 6 pockets Exterior - 3 pockets; Interior - 6 pockets Exterior - 3 pockets; Interior - 6 pockets Exterior - 3 pockets; Interior - 6 pockets Exterior - 3 pockets; Interior - 4 pockets Exterior - 3 pockets; Interior - 6 pockets
Strap Details 12" strap drop 12" strap drop 12" strap drop 12" strap drop 10" strap drop; Additional 40" removable, adjustable strap 12" strap drop
Additional Colors Available
Special Features Hidden top pocket for your valuables Hidden top pocket for your valuables Hidden top pocket for your valuables Hidden top pocket for your valuables Exterior elastic bands to hold a yoga mat; Interior elastic bands to hold a water bottle Hidden top pocket for your valuables

Vera Bradley Women's Signature Cotton Small Vera Tote Bag

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